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Calendar of Standardized Tests in Indiana

Here is a calendar of the standardized tests as required by the Indiana Department of Education. This information is taken directly from their website. I am still going to add the following information:

  • Which tests are taken in groups, and which have to be individually administered by a licensed teacher
  • Which grades are effected by which tests. The state lists the majority of tests as starting in 3rd grade but in fact some tests (Dibels and TRC) begin in Kindergarten.
  • This does not include district-mandated tests such as Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), and other tests to determine Lexile level; scrimmages, etc.
  • Each block of time is the “testing window.” Some of the tests are administered in groups (ISTEP, portions of LAS Links) and some are administered one-on-one: teacher to student. These tests are luckily very short and sweet for the student (sometimes 5-10 minutes) but they take the teacher away from instruction for and hour or two at a time (a precious block of time in an elementary school day).
  • Other tests not mentioned: adapted tests for students with special needs. All students are given very strict accommodations based on individual requirement. These tests are usually given by teachers in specialized areas such as ESL (English as a Second Language), Title I (reading intervention), and/or Special Education.
  • Some of the tests are currently being piloted (IREAD-K, IREAD-1)

Please check back frequently for updates and more information.


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