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Let’s grade the politicians, it’s only fair

Here’s what I’ve been kicking around…

If politicians and business leaders insist on not only grading students but schools, teachers, school districts, and schools of education, why not start grading politicians? It’s only fair. At least that way we’ll get what they say is a clear picture of performance. Because based on their logic, since I have met a politician, I completely understand how their job works.

Just like politicians and business leaders seem to believe that since they went to school, they know how to teach.

What would our rubric include?

  • Overall teaching experience
  • Overall teaching experience with diverse communities including learners living in poverty, learners with special needs, non-native English speakers, etc.
  • Support for professional development for teachers and administrators
  • Understanding of pedagogy
  • Understanding of how authentic assessment works (not just summative but formative and otherwise)
  • Understanding of how to create assessments based on an individual’s needs and goals
  • Understanding that content knowledge takes you about a third of the way; a teacher needs to have a deep grasp of pedagogical theories and ideas in order to reach as many learners as possible.
  • Understanding of the difference between constructivist vs. behaviorist theories of learning
  • Understanding of language acquisition principles
  • Classroom management, community building, socioemotional health

What else? I’ll be developing this rubricfor a period of time.

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