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I am trying to incorporate fitness as a more regular part of my life. I’ve splurged on a few personal training sessions to jump start the process but I know there are more (cheaper) ways to be more fit…and even while working. I did a little searching on the interwebs and ran across this page from a site called Be Active Florida. The following is a direct copy and paste from the site. I liked it so much I wanted to remember it all! I bolded the parts I hope to start doing.

“Teachers are some of the most influential characters in children’s lives, and they are the ones who help shape the lifestyles kids will lead into adulthood. It is critical that teachers not only promote the benefits of physical activity to their students but to engage in it themselves. Children are much more likely to follow in the footsteps of their educators when they can see them in action, making healthier lifestyle choices. Here are the Top 10 Tips for Teacher Fitness:

1. Run/Walk Club: Get a group of teachers together and walk/run either before or after school. 30 minutes of walking/running a day can make a big impact.

2. Incorporate Physical Activity in Education: It’s one thing to teach fitness or healthy lifestyles sitting in the classroom, but try taking the students outside to learn mathematics; keep the kids and yourself moving and be surprised at the energy and attention received

3. Seek a Group Fitness Trainer: Check the local fitness centers and see if there is a personal trainer available to come and train a group of teachers at the school one day a week

4. Stay Active During the Work Day: Whether you’re with the students at recess or in a planning period, take advantage of this time to take a short walk or simply stretch out in the classroom

5. Utilize the Stairs: Many schools have a set of stairs somewhere; use them! Even if it is just two or three times up and down … the accumulation of steps you’ll climb throughout the week will be beneficial

6. Bike to Work: If your school is located within a few miles, consider biking to work as transportation. The bike to and from work is a great source of aerobic activity and if you don’t have a bike, try rollerblades, or a scooter

7. Sports: Create a teacher sports team like softball or volleyball, the way corporations do. This is a great way to get some exercise in, socialize with other teachers and de-stress from the work day. Encourage other schools to do the same, so you can compete against each other.

8. Yoga/Stretching: Talk among other teachers and gather a group to practice yoga and simple stretching before the school day. It’s a great way to clear the mind

9. Field Day: Coordinate with the P.E. teacher about a student/faculty field day

10. Power Lunch: If 30 minutes if allotted for lunch time, take 15 to eat and the following 15 to take a nice walk around the building

There are 1,440 minutes in one day, take just 30 of those to incorporate physical activity in and it can make a big difference. Not only will this contribute to a healthier group of teachers, it will set a great example for all the students to follow.”


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This entry was posted on February 2, 2013 by in Fitness, Teaching.
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