One Teacher's Voice


And so it begins

Tomorrow marks the first day of what I hope is a long career of teaching. I’m working as an elementary school ESL teacher. I’ve been told different things at different times but I’ll either be working with fourth-fifth graders or first through third. Regardless I am so excited! What is especially thrilling is that half of the school is run with Montessori methods while the other half is run as a traditional public school. Next fall the Montessori half is moving to another building. So not only will I gain experience in multiple teaching methods, I will get experience in either changing buildings or staying and transitioning to a new school climate. Who knows what’s in store? Not me.

My graduation present was an iPad mini which I am absolutely loving and using right now. I believe it’s the way forward for my online life. However, I am slightly concerned just how much I love it.

One of my goals for this blog is to track how much time I spend testing vs. instruction during my experience. But ultimately if I can just keep track of all that I learn in the next year I’ll be happy.


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