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Riddle me this

I learned in class today that it is statistically IMPOSSIBLE to have 100% of all students passing on any standardized test. It is an inherently unattainable goal. Call me crazy, but I kind of thought the whole goal of education was 100% of all students learning…a completely attainable goal.

Every single person has the ability to learn and it is a teacher’s job to guide that process of learning toward the ultimate goal of becoming a productive and active citizen ofthe world, literate in a variety of ways, able to solve problems, think critically and engage within a diverse world.

So then why is educational policy now leaning toward a numerical goal of high scores on tests that are statistically IMPOSSIBLE to show 100% success? I’ll say it again. Statistically IMPOSSIBLE. If our actual statistically possible goal is more like 50% (an admittedly arbitrary number), then haven’t we lowered our educational standards overall? If you ask me, 100% is generally a better grade than 50%. At least that’s what I strive for when I’M the student.



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