One Teacher's Voice


Time for change

An incredibly important, well-written and true article.
What Teachers Want
from The Nation

Check out two compelling quotes:

  • “…polling shows teachers are depressed by the increasing reliance on standardized tests to measure student learning—the ‘high stakes’ testing regime that the standards and accountability movement has put in place across the country and that Race to the Top has reinforced in some states and districts. Teachers are also concerned that growing numbers of parents are not able to play an active role in their children’s education, and they are angry about the climate of austerity that has invaded the nation’s schools, with state and local budget cuts threatening key programs that help students learn and overcome the disadvantages of poverty.”
  • “Policy-makers from both parties have asked teachers to support stricter checks on their autonomy, even though they’ve cut the professional development and support services that help teachers teach. It is remarkable that teachers don’t protest more–but that probably has to do with how busy most of them are doing one of the toughest jobs in America.”

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