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[Original date posted: 10/18/2011]

As the OWS movement (dare I say peaceful revolution?) grows, I am simultaneously learning more and more in my classes about corporate corruption and greed in education as well as the undeniable influence of money in educational policymaking.  I am currently working on a document entitled Timeline of Greed in American Education (working title).  Using resources from class, I am putting together what will hopefully be a broad perspective of what education has become in the last decade or so.  It’s been a rather disturbing project due to the information I’ve gathered.

I’m excited about the the conversations coming to light from the OWS movement.  I’m excited that more and more people are willing and able to speak up for what they believe and I’m exciting that rather than petering out, the movement is gaining in strength and national (even international) attention.   Ultimately I agree that billionaires should not have as much influence in policy making as they currently do and I believe there can and must be change.

I hope there are teachers out there who are having dialogues with their students about this and helping them question the media coverage, conduct their own research and come up with ideas themselves (regardless of whether they agree or not).



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