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School grades

[Original date posted: 2/26/2012]

Urban, rural, public and charter schools would take a hit under the new rule

from the Indianapolis Star

This article further solidifies the argument I have so often heard:  just because a state is given a waiver from No Child Left Behind, it does NOT mean that the state will automatically have the student’s best interests in mind.  Based on this article, Indiana appears to be going in the direction of the outdated and ineffective approach of increasing high-stakes testing.  Research proves to us again and again that high-stakes testing does not enhance learning and instruction and it is not an accurate measure of a student’s ability to learn or understanding of content.  Quite the opposite:  it forces teachers all to often to abandon high quality pedagogy and learning theory for the entirely ineffective and extremely damaging plug and chug formulas with rote memorization.

I truly hope, for the sake of our students and the future health of our state, that the Indiana State Board of Education will reconsider the path they are headed and start to open their eyes to the economic value of a real education that includes critical literacy, cultural and community connections, true understanding (as opposed to memorizing a list of facts), family involvement, and most of all, student-driven instruction.


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