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Big money in tests

I just ran across this article about the ties between Pearson Publishing and ALEC (includes references).

Why does this matter? Because Pearson is behind the majority (if not all) of the high-stakes tests throughout the U.S. as well as the damaging movement of corporate “reform” and privitization of our schools.

From the article:

Pearson has also acquired PARCC, SAT testing, GED testing, and was the central player (through Achieve) in the design of the National Common Core Standards. In essence, every facet of our public educational system, from teacher preparation, curriculum design and content, and testing/assessments from womb to tomb, are now owned by a private corporation, whose profits skyrocketed into the billions of dollars.”

Of course, Pearson isn’t the only problem: McGraw-Hill is also a multi-billion dollar corporation behind a tremendous amount of testing and curriculum design. Don’t even get me started on the link between former President George W. Bush, McGraw-Hill, and No Child Left Behind. 

BIG MONEY will be the BIGGEST PROBLEM when fighting against standardized tests.

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